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Skerries Rowing Club - where tradition meets innovation

Looking for a sports club that is inclusive and progressive? Look no further than Skerries Rowing Club. We cater for athletes of all levels and abilities and are passionate about rowing! We encourage, support and strive for excellence and success at every level.

Why join Skerries Rowing Club?


Beautiful scenery

Coastal rowing allows you to experience the beauty of the ocean and Dublin coastline in a unique way. You’ll have the opportunity to row alongside stunning cliffs, beaches, and wildlife.


Full-body workout

You get a full-body workout and coastal rowing adds an extra challenge due to the unpredictability of the ocean. You’ll build strength and endurance while enjoying the great outdoors.



We’re a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for rowing and the ocean. You’ll make new friends, learn from experienced rowers, and participate in club events and races.

Pull like a goat

Who are we?

Skerries Rowing Club was founded in 2012 and has over 80 members. In just over 10 years, our club has grown quickly and cater for all ages and all abilities, from beginners to experienced Racing Regatta crews. Our members range in age from 10 years to over 70 years of age!

The Club

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There’s more to rowing than rowing. Learn more about what we do as a club.


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Na Sceirí

Skerries – a fishing town with Nordic links

Skerries is a small seaside fishing town in Fingal. The name comes from the Norse word ‘skere’ which became the Irish ‘na sceirí’ which means ‘the rocks’. Historically, Skerries was an active fishing port while in the 20th century, it became a resort town, and a dormitory town for Dublin commuters.



Active Members

Working with our community

As a club, we work very closely with other sports clubs as well as local businesses.

Affordable membership

Starting at just €30, our memberships are suitable for everyone.

Fun events for members

From regattas and international long rows to social gatherings and off-season training, there's always something going on!

Chance to succeed

You'll get the chance to compete, and win, against some of the best rowers in Ireland.

Round Rockabill Rowing Race

Our annual 'Row the Rock' challenge

Organised by Skerries Rowing Club, the ‘Round Rockabill Rowing Race’ is a gruelling, 15km race into open sea for any coxed sea going boat with either sliding or fixed seat. The event brings rowing clubs from all over Ireland to our beautiful coastline.

Spectators have a perfect, unobstructed view of the event from the south beach, where crews launch with a beach sprint, jump into their boats and row out the 7.5km to the Rockabill lighthouse. Once rounded, the crews will need to row back the same way for a beach sprint finish across the line.

Partners and Sponsorship

A huge "Thank you" to all our supporters!

Without the support of our partners and sponsors we would not be able to bring rowing to our members.


Scheduled events

Discover what’s happening, both in our club and across the rowing world. Most events that members take part in are regattas (short and fast races) and long rows (longer, slower-paced races, focused on endurance). We will update this section regularly with news regarding events that may be of interest to our members.


Words from our Members

Skerries Rowing Club provides...

… a unique opportunity to members. The diversity of the club is great and the comradery between members is superb. The weekly rows can take you around the islands to coastal which is uniquely diverse. The adventure of long rows is also unique and something I really look forward to, the ’Round Rockabill Row’ in particular. In essence, my life would be very different should I not be involved.

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Headline – Great day of rowing at Dalkey Regatta

Headline – Great day of rowing at Dalkey Regatta

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